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Personally Invested In Protecting The Survivors Of Abuse

Leaving a relationship becomes even more difficult when domestic violence is involved. You might not know where to turn, whom you can trust or what to do next. It is time to reach out to an attorney on whom you can rely. It is time to reach out to The Stratte Firm.

If you live in Oakland or the Bay Area, Erin Stratte can help you get to safety, obtain a restraining order and start a new chapter in your life. She became passionate about helping the victims of domestic abuse after one of her family members survived it. When you work with her, you have more than just a lawyer – you have an ally in your struggle who cares deeply about helping you.

How Do Restraining Orders Work In California?

In California, a domestic violence restraining order, or DVRO, is a court order intended to protect one person from the actions of a relative or a person living in their household. These people could include a spouse, intimate partner, co-parent, parent, sibling, roommate or relative. Some of the behaviors that qualify as domestic violence include:

  • Physical injury
  • Threat of physical injury
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Destruction of property

A DVRO can also extend to your children or other relatives. If you have suffered abuse from someone who is not related to you or does not live in your household, you may still qualify for a civil harassment restraining order.

Guiding You Through Every Step Of The Process

You probably feel immensely overwhelmed, not to mention fearful. Allow attorney Stratte to handle all steps of the DVRO process for you, including:

  1. Obtaining and filling out the paperwork
  2. Filing the petition
  3. Requesting a temporary protection order
  4. Having the order served to the respondent
  5. Representing you at the court hearing

She will develop a personal relationship with you that helps her come up with the best strategy for success. You can count on her to come up with proactive solutions to future problems, as well. This may include filing for divorce and finding a safe location for your children.

Get In Touch For Strong Yet Caring Legal Help

You do not have to feel alone. Work with The Stratte Firm to get a strong ally on your side. Set up your initial consultation by calling 510-480-1845 or by using attorney Stratte’s online contact form.

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